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Covid-19 and Vitamin D

NOTE: I'm not a doctor. This page is for informational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor re. this information and how it applies to you.


I got Covid-19 in the Spring of 2021. I credit my vitamin D supplement with helping me pull through unscathed, and encourage everyone to get their vitamin D levels tested and start taking a supplement if you're low.

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Important Note

Vitamin D is fat-soluble, which is different than a water-soluble vitamin like C. Basically, fat-soluble vitamins take time to accumulate and they also remain in the body after you stop taking them, so you may start taking D and your levels would slowly rise over weeks/months, whereas C goes right through you and doesn’t really accumulate, hence you can take a ton and not hurt yourself.

But with vitamin D, since it ramps up and remains in the body and will slowly diminish in the blood stream over time if you stop taking it, it does mean you can take too much. So best to start taking a high does for a bit to let it build up and then diminish the dosage or take the pill every other day or every few days once your levels are good. A doctor can give you a blood test that will determine your levels, but just an FYI that vitamin D toxicity is a danger, but only long term.

So basically just something to keep in mind - long term, don’t take a vitamin D supplement + a multi vitamin with a ton of D in it + other sources because you can give yourself too much. But also like you don’t need to be afraid - I’ve taken 5000 IU (one of those capsules I linked above) every other day or so since 2015 and it’s the sweet spot for me.

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